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Adna is located between Centralia/Chehalis and Pe Ell.


Centralia is one of the biggest cities in Lewis County, rivaled by Chehalis. They host Centralia Community College, which is now offering 4 year degrees. Centralia also hosts the Chronicle, a newspaper which delivers to all of Lewis County. Centralia also has many events and festivals throughout the year.

City of Centralia

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Chehalis has an old world feel to the historic district. They have an old steam train that you can take a ride on, as well as have brunch or dinner. The Southwest Washington Fairgrounds hosts the annual fair in August as well as hosting other events throughout the year.

City of Chehalis
Chehalis-Centralia Railroad & Museum
Southwest Washington Fair
Pe Ell River Run

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Cinebar is a residential community running along State Route 508 between Morton and Onalaska. It has a post office and a fire department. Most notable about the area is that the residential properties have huge acreages.


Doty is a small town located just west of Pe Ell. Doty once boasted to having the largest sawmill in Lewis County. Doty is very small but is known for having the Pe Ell River Run go through the town. The Pe Ell River Run is a white water rafting activity held in April of every year.


Glenoma is a small town that allows access to the now underwater town of Kosmos and also to Riffe Lake. Taidnapam Park is where the Riffe Lake access is located.

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Mineral is an historic hamlet laying near the Lewis County and Pierce County border. This little town has an old steam engine that you can ride to a museum and back. The Santa Express version that they have in December is loads of fun. An interesting tidbit is that they have a famous Kenneth Arnold UFO Sighting of 1947.

Mineral Lake


Morton has a unique location of being the intersection of U.S. Hwy 12, State Route 508, and Highway 7. Beyond that the town boasts of 3 different lumber mills, the Roxy Theater, 3 different gas stations, its own police force, and has a branch campus of the Centralia Community College. Morton also hosts the annual Logger’s Jubilee with a parade and crowning of a queen in August.

Visit Morton
Loggers Jubilee
Roxy Theater

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Mossyrock is located between Salkum and Morton. The Riffe Dam and Mayfield Dam nearby has created access to both Riffe Lake and Mayfield Lake. The Downtown Mossyrock area has an ‘old west’ façade to give it a rustic feel. Mossyrock holds an annual Blueberry Festival in August.

City of Mossyrock
Mossrock Blueberry Festival

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Napavine is located between Chehalis and the U.S. Hwy 12 exit along I-5. Napavine’s McDonald’s is well known to most of the students in Lewis County as a place to stop when going to a sporting event.


Onalaska is set north of Highway 12, intersecting Leonard Road and State Route 508. Onalaska has an Apple Festival in October brought to you by the Onalaska Alliance. An interesting tidbit about the name Onalaska is that there are also towns in Wisconsin, Arkansas, and Texas and they are all connected through the lumber industry.

Onalaska Alliance


Packwood is located at the very east end of Lewis County. There is a multitude of hiking available, White Pass Ski Resort is only 20 miles away, and there is also the bi-annual Packwood Flea Market. This is also where Mountain Valley Real Estate makes their home.

History of Packwood, Washington
Mountain Valley Real Estate
White Pass Scenic Byway
White Pass Ski Resort
Packwood Flea Market
Packwood Visitor Center

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Pe Ell

Pe Ell is located at the very western central edge of Lewis County. The town is surrounded by recreational land, however you have to have a Weyerhaeuser Recreational Permit to be on Weyerhaeuser land.

Pe Ell Recreation Permits


Randle is a gateway location to the Windy Ridge access to Mt. St. Helens and the Cispus Learning Center. From Windy Ridge you can see much of the Mt. St. Helens blast zone from 1980. The Cispus Learning Center is meant to teach the K-12 students about the outdoors.

Mount St. Helens – Windy Ridge Viewpoint
Cispus Learning Center

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Salkum is a small town situated between Mossyrock and Onalaska along Highway 12. The town boasts of a branch of the Timberland Regional Library, post office, grocery store, the Brown Shack Tavern, and a fire department. An interested tidbit about the town is that Salkum means ‘Boiling Water’ referencing nearby waterfalls. Another feature that Salkum has is the Rocky Top Arena, a family owned and operated barrel racing facility.

Rock Top Arena


Toledo is located in Southern Lewis County close to I-5. The town can attest to having the oldest Catholic Mission and the very first Courthouse. Toledo also has a skydiving facility that offers Tandem jumps and student courses.

City of Toledo
SkiDive! Toledo

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Vader is located at the southern end of Lewis County on the west side of I-5. An interesting tidbit about Vader is that in 2015 they were voting to change their name from Vader back to its original name of Little Falls (the vote did not pass). They also call Vader “the Little City in the Woods”.

City of Vader


Winlock is located just south and west of the I-5 and U.S. Hwy 12 intersection. Winlock has an Egg Day celebration and boasts of having a world record for having the largest egg! An interesting tidbit about Winlock is that the town is named after a U.S. Army General, Winlock M. Miller.

City of Winlock